The Perfect Cup of Sipping Chocolate

One of the most comforting treats on a chilly night is a perfect cup of Sipping Chocolate.  Compared to a hot cocoa, our sipping chocolate uses the finest in chocolate couverture rather than cocoa powder.  Dialing in on the various intensities of Dark Chocolate from Belgium, Ecuador, and Mexico; we combine these flavors with a frothed whole milk or almond milk for a velvety drink. 

Done in a European style, our Belgian sipping chocolate is the most dense of the options with a rich ganache texture that you might even want to use a spoon for.  Our single origin couverture from Ecuador has unique dark chocolate flavors with notes of tropical fruit, dried nuts, and spice.  Our classic Mexican Hot Chocolate has hints of cinnamon, and cayenne pepper as an option for an added kick.  Frothed in the traditional style, we use the molinillo to prepare this drink akin to how elders from Mexico would prepare it for generations upon generations.  

Lastly, Our créme chantilly is a rich heavy cream infused with vanilla extract that we top all our drinks with along with a rich Belgian Dark chocolate sauce on top. Paired with a shortbread pan dulce, it's the perfect cup of sipping chocolate.  

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