PRE-ORDER - ROUND 3! Extra Large Hot Cocoa Bomb - Dec 19-23 Curbside, Pick-up, Local Delivery


  • Pre-order ROUND 3 Now available - Dec 19-23 Curbside, Pick-up, Local Delivery
  • ROUND 2 is now sold out!  Available for Dec 13-18 Curbside, Pick-up, Local Delivery
  • ROUND 1 is now sold out! Available for Dec 10-13 Curbside, Pick-up, Local Delivery

a 71mm sphere of chocolatey goodness! Ethically-sourced Chocolate shell filled with cocoa powder, marshmallows, or gingerbread spice!

Enjoy this cozy, delicious drink to warm up in cold weather, cozy up at by the fire, or a refreshing drink during your movie. Makes great gifts or serve when entertaining guests.


Ingredients Include: 

Cocoa Powder
Powdered Sugar
French Vanilla Powder
Mini Marshmallows
33% Milk Chocolate, 54% Dark Chocolate, or 65% Dark Chocolate

Size: Extra large 3 inch - 71mm

 Hello! Thanks for expressing interest in our popular new item, our Hot Cocoa Bomb! We received considerable number of orders and sold out instantly! We were able to complete our first round of orders. These are all handmade creations, and lovingly packaged by our team. Thank you so much for your patience as we catch up with the requests for this item. 

We are happy to announce that Hot Cocoa Bombs are now back in stock! Please visit our store at 460 Pine Ave to pick up your boxes while supplies last. Or order here online at so we can set yours aside for you.

Hot Cocoa Bombs will be available for in-store purchase while supplies last, curbside (call 562-432-7999), or local delivery within 4 miles of the shop through @alleycatdeliveries. At this time, our shipping pre-order deadline has closed and we are unable to ship by December 25th. Thank you for shopping & supporting local. Happy Holidays!

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